Women’s Volunteer Fellowship

Members of the fellowship come from various church denominations. Through participating in different ministries, they aim at bringing the mission of Hong Kong Bible Society and God’s word to everyone.

They are willing to:
  1. Assist in the ministry of Hong Kong Bible Society, including annual thanksgiving worship, fundraising activities, and exhibitions; contacting organizations and churches by phone; mailing seasonal Bible-related items, etc.
  2. Support our ministry by prayer and care.
  3. Encourage fellow Christians to care for Bible ministry, read the Bible, and experience spiritual growth.

Enlisting Women’s Volunteer Fellowship members:

If you are sister in the Lord and are willing to support the ministry of Hong Kong Bible Society, you are welcome to join our fellowship. For enquiry, please contact Melody Fan at 2368 5147 or info@hkbs.org.hk.

Room 902, Oriental Centre, 67 Chatham Road South, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (852) 2368 5147  (852) 2311 0167  info@hkbs.org.hk