The Path We Have Trod

A Humble Beginning 
When Hong Kong Bible Society was established in the ‘60s, we started out with scarce resources with a rented office nestled at a corner partitioned within a balcony.  Our publishing works and publications gradually proliferated.  Down the years, we have our well-equipped office and warehouses.  We carry on by our Lord’s blessings to live out the principles of our Society, “Deliver a Bible that people can understand at a price that they can afford.”

Migration from ShangHai to Hong Kong
When Hong Kong was officially opened up for immigrants in 1841, protestant and catholic churches were fervent in gospel works.  The British and Foreign Bible Society fully sponsored the printing of Chinese Bibles by China Bible House in ShangHai.  Until 1948 when mainland China was submersed in downturns, China Bible House moved to Hong Kong and adopted our formal name of Hong Kong Bible Society.

Rising Needs for Bibles
Hong Kong Bible Society was established in 1950.  In 1955, it formally developed a core function of printing and distribution of Chinese and foreign language Bibles.  In 1965, to meet the widespread demand, the United Bible Societies invested HK$700,000 in the building of printing center in Hong Kong.  Printing and distribution of Bibles became an important localized responsibility since then.

God’s Word Remains Constant in Face of Ever-changing World
Taking the opportunity that China opened up her economy, the United Bible Societies partnered with Chinese Amity Foundation to establish the Nanjing Amity Press in 1986.  Over one billion copies of Bibles have been printed since the Press became operational.  Along with this development, our Society bears the mission of the United Bible Societies to revise the Chinese Union Bible.  We embrace Bible translation work while committing in promotion and distribution of Bibles within Hong Kong.  Our mission becomes an ingrained value of encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in passion for God’s Word and to practise it.

Room 902, Oriental Centre, 67 Chatham Road South, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (852) 2368 5147  (852) 2311 0167