Training and Sharing of Bible in Mainland

In sharing and gatherings with church leaders of mainland China, we deeply believe the challenges they are facing are : more resources and training are needed, the workload of pastor is heavy, lack of solid foundation of faith amongst common Christians, they need to understand more about the bible to be aware of the spreading of cult beliefs. 

Bible Studies Conference for Shangxi Theology Students

Upon invitation of the CCC / TSPM, our Pastor Chung shared the Bible with the 1st batch of graduates of Theology School in Shangxi. Pastor Chung shared with over hundreds of graduates with reference to the Revised Chinese Union Version Bible, encouraging them never to read and reflect on God’s words unceasingly. We took this chance to distribute the RCUV Bible to each of the students. May our Lord’s blessings befall on them that this bible would shed light on their faith. 

Dr Rev Chow in Hubei Theology School

We are much honored to be invited by the Hubei CCC and Three-self Patriotic Church to attend a pastoral exchange meeting. It was a valuable platform for Dr Wilson Chow to introduce our mission of Bible revision and explain details of principles as well as translation processes. Dr Chow also shared the topic of “What has the Old testament to say to church today!” Teachers and students as well as the church leaders gave an overwhelming response. 

Yunnan Lufeng Bible Training Center

Pastor Pi Kwong Li taught bible study courses and delivered seminars at training centers in Yunnan. He introduced the Revised Chinese Union Version Bible to the audience to better equip themselves in understanding the bible and building strong foundation of faith. We gave out hundreds of the Revised Chinese Union Version Bibles to compliment Pastor Li’s work. 

Guangzhou Province

Our Honorary General Secretary, Bishop Soo, accompanied our Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of Board of Directors, Pastor Ken and Pastor Man to meet with more than 100 Guangzhou church leaders for the promotion of our Revised Chinese Union Version Bible in Guangdong. Church leaders pondered on keeping the Revised Chinese Union Version as official church Bible. 

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary

Our Honorary General Secretary, Bishop Soo met all the teachers and students of Guangdong Union Theological Seminary. Bishop Soo shared the refinement and development of Chinese Bible from the Chinese Union Version to Revised Chinese Union Version, as well as application of scriptures from was highlighted. We gave out the Revised Chinese Union Version Bibles to all students and received a lot of constructive responses, which greatly enhanced our understanding of them as well as their needs. 

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