Bible Sunday

“Bible Sunday” in mainland China started on 4 December 1938. It was called “Bible Worship” at that time. On 7 July 1937 after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, the war against Japan began all over the mainland. In that chaotic situation, people had an earnest need for the Bible. The China Bible House (former name of Hong Kong Bible Society) in Shanghai distributed leaflets and all were gone within a short time. The word of God is the comfort and guidance of people. The China Bible House then encouraged churches in the mainland to organize “Bible Worship” to spread God’s word and let people get couragement and hope from God’s word. Since then, church denominations set a Sunday every year as “Bible Sunday” to encourage believers to read the Bible and strive to practise the truth. This has become the Bible ministry of Hong Kong Bible Society since it was established. We invite all churches to co-organize “Bible Sunday” to promote the Bible and encourage believers to read the Bible. It is hoped that believers are willing to ponder God’s word in daily life, and have the courage and faith to practise the truth in the community.

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Our exhibition room displays rare editions of the Chinese Bible in different eras, including the copy edition of Rev. Robert Morrison, Shen Tian Sheng Shu, hand-written copy of the Bible in the Cultural Revolution, etc. If you are interested to buy the Revised Chinese Union Version, you are welcome to visit us. We also welcome churches to co-organize Bible seminars with us to share Biblical messages and learn about the history of Chinese Bible translation.




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We design covers with features of church traditions, and Gospel in offprint versions for missionary use. These special cover designs can help God’s word touch the hearts of non-believers in their communities.


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《和合本》聖經於1919年出版後,至今已成為全球的標準中文聖經譯本, 隨著時代轉變,用詞及翻譯都有更新的需要,《新舊約全書-和合本修訂版》已於2010年出版,承傳近百年《和合本》的使命,祝福華人信徒,建立教會。



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