Our Story

A Triumphant Path

We give our fondest tribute to Reverend Lincoln Leung, who devoted his entire life to the Lord by examples. He led our Society through critical times and set off for our mission of revising the Chinese Union Version.

Rev Lincoln Leung

“What has drawn me to the work of Hong Kong Bible Society? Being a Chinese born in mainland China, I long to see the gospel spread on the land of China. The Bible represents supremacy, the best media above pastors to spread the good news to every heart. I enjoy the opportunities to be a partaker of the work of Hong Kong Bible Society.”

Rev Leung put words into actions and led our Society through difficulties and important times. “When the Society was in need of a General Secretary, I was a new retiree who was making a satisfactory recovery from surgeries. Therefore, I joined the Society in 1999 to 2000 as Honorary General Secretary.” Despite a short but meaningful time, besides participating renowned world conferences, Rev Leung successfully bridged the Hong Kong Christian Council and The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union to co-organize the first “Bible Ministry Exhibition of the Church in China”, leading our Society to carry on with the work of the United Bible Societies to revise the Chinese Union Bible.

Rev Leung and our Society had long been connected since 1961 when Rev Leung was a fresh graduate back from the US. Our Society had invited him to join us but Rev Leung was more aspired to raise and grow his church. Rev Leung never ceased supporting our work, though. Until 1982, he became our board member for more than a decade.

Rev Leung was always ready to serve and run an extra mile. He was the chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union and the President of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong. In 1979, he led the world’s first Pastoral Delegation to China. Being off the frontline going through big surgeries didn’t deter Rev Leung’s commitment in our projects. He journeyed to different parts of the world, not missing seminaries in China, to introduce and promote the Revised Chinese Union Bible.

Rev Leung gave sermons and lectures with vigour. He captured the attention of audience with unique, incisive viewpoints concerning the Revised Chinese Union Bible. “I read and compared the Chinese Union Bible and Revised Chinese Union Bible every morning.” Rev Leung used to explain with both Bibles in his hands. “Take for an example, in John, chapter 9, verse 35, the traditional Chinese Union Bible presents ‘Jesus met that blind man’, whereas the Revised Chinese Union Bible presents ‘……and when he found him……’. ‘Found’ induces active and in-depth interpretations.”

For fifty years, Rev Leung immersed himself in growing and raising churches, while keenly promoting the Revised Chinese Union Bible. He lived out his personal mission, “born a Chinese”, loved China and willed for more Chinese to know the Bible.

We give our tribute to Rev Leung with heartfelt gratitude. He remains an impactful example of “faith”. Hurdles of Bible translation cannot dismiss our thoughts of him and his profound sharing, “it is a beautiful experience of walking with the Lord.”

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