Praying for Us

We thank God for you always pray for our ministry. We also receive the requests from fellow Christians who would like HKBS to pray for themselves or families who are sick, for families who are non-believers, and for their waiting to serve our Lord. May God keep their body, mind and spirit and give them peace and faith to face challenges with courage. We pray that you will have joy and understand the Lord’s will every day!

Prayer items:

Bible Translation

God’s Amazing Provision
Bible translation is very rarely a job with a steady income. Insutoshi Jamir lives in Dimapur, the largest city in India’s northeastern state of Nagaland. The Bible Society of India is supporting him as he translates the Bible into Nagamese, a “contact” language spoken by around 30,000 people belonging to different local groups. The money he earns from this work is his only source of income, yet he and his wife Imeinla run an orphanage for 24 children! “I come from a very poor family, but I always knew that I wanted to help others, especially orphans,” he says. “I became a pastor and eventually God gave me the opportunity to start this ministry. I was all alone to start with. I took on extra work as a rickshaw driver so that I could run one house with three children. Gradually more and more orphans came. It ’s been very hard financially, but the Lord has always given me the assurance that he will provide. Many years ago, the Lord gave me a Scripture from 1 Kings 5 about Solomon building the temple. I didn’t know what those verses meant at the time, but now I know that I should just do what I can and God will give me all the support I need.”

  • Please pray for Insutoshi Jamir that our Lord will continue to strengthen his faith, minister to his needs, and bless him. Please also pray for the Bible Translation Ministry in India.


Our Ministry

  • Our Local Bible Ministry will promote and distribute the Bible in the mainland in the coming six months. Pray that the Lord will give wisdom to pastors in Hong Kong in sharing messages with mainland ministers, establishing the foundation of a “Bible-based” ministry. Pray that the Lord will bless mainland church pastors and ministers so that they continue to have faith, peace and joy in preaching the gospel even if resources are insufficient.
  • Thanks our Lord! Our office refurbishment is completed. The designer puts Bible verses on the windows to remind us to always preach the gospel. Pray that the Lord will help us make good use of the resources of HKBS, cooperating with various churches to organize seminars in promoting the Bible.

The World

  • Pray for God’s mercy on the refugees in Syria so that they can find the place to settle down. Also pray that the Lord will give wisdom and love to the leaders in the European Union so that they know how to handle the situation.

Hong Kong

  • Pray for the political situation, economy and people’s livelihood. Pray that God will give wisdom and love to those who exercise power in governing the community.

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