Bible: Strengthening the ties between mainland China and Hong Kong

We do believe that WE TRUST in the same God and READ the same Bible between Both Places.

  • Bible Promotion

    With the support of CCC / TSPM, we promote training “Bible-Centered Nourishment ”. Our Senior Pastors strive to reach into China churches across provinces. Physical distance and differences cannot thwart their determination to convey care and deliver theological training in various centers and churches.


  • Bible Distribution

    Since CCC / TSPM published the “Revised Chinese Union Version” in simplified Chinese, we have regularly distributed the RCUV Bible to all seminary students, church pastors and ministers in mainland China.


  • Bible Distribution Project

    We support the United Bible Societies in raising funds, and donate to CCC/TSPM in printing the Bible so as to minimize printing costs. The aim is to deliver a Bible that people can understand at a price that they can afford.

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