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Sermon by Rev. Li Ping-kwong

14 June 2014
Sharing Meeting of Church Leaders and Co-workers at the Hall of Wisma Methodist in Kuala Lumpur

Lord Jesus has left us more than 2,000 years but why is the work of gospel developing so slowly? In Hong Kong, Christians are a minority in society, with only more than 500,000 in number. Is this the problem of preaching? Is this the problem of expression in the Bible? If we want to make the word of life as our guidance in daily life, we have to express God’s word much more clearly using a simple language and reduce the use of jargons.

Speaker: Rev. Li Ping-kwong
(In Putonghua only)


Room 902, Oriental Centre, 67 Chatham Road South, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. (852) 2368 5147  (852) 2311 0167