• Hong Kong

    We make use of various opportunities to promote the Bible, including Hong Kong Book Fair, revival meetings, local community book fairs, Christian Book Fair, school Bible events, church Sunday meetings, etc. Our Bible promotion ambassadors introduce to the public various editions and types of Bible, and find out people’s Bible reading habits as well as their opinions on Bible publishing. All these can help us in the design and editing of our publications. We once launched a key promotion of New Testament in Simplified Chinese in a bookfair in Tuen Mun, and the special offer has attracted lots of mainland tourists.

    We publish the light in reading the Bible regularly in Christian magazines and newspapers, encouraging people to read the Bible in different perspectives. It is hoped that the Spirit can lead them into the words of God so that their lives will be touched and changed.

    We also organize Bible seminars, Bible translation workshops for pastors and co-workers, Bible exhibitions, etc. on a regular basis. We proactively visit schools and communities in need to promote and share the Bible. We love to share the Bible with people aging from three to 100. Once, we talked to some primary one students on Bible translation and they were so interested. Thanks the Lord! The word of God is living and provides the greatest comfort to us.

  • Mainland

    The rapid increase of the number of Christians has given much pressure to pastors, ministers and churches in the mainland. With the support and cooperation of TSPM/CCC, we develop the Bible ministry to provide Bible resources to pastors, ministers, and theology students. Strengthening the Bible-based learning foundation, we provide a Bible teaching and learning platform to help pastors promote Bible reading in church. We also actively participate in training pastors and theology students in the mainland, facilitating exchange and strengthening Bible-based teaching and learning as well as pastoral work.

  • Overseas

    The Bible movement started more than 100 years ago and was initiated by Bible societies in various countries. The United Bible Societies was established in 1946 to facilitate the support and development of Bible ministry among various Bible societies. They uphold the same mission: Deliver a Bible that people can understand at a price that they can afford. We are dedicated to cooperating with various Bible societies to promote the Chinese Bible, serving Chinese churches, and distributing the Bible to Chinese. No matter they are locally born, immigrants or students studying abroad, all those who speak and read Chinese are the people we serve. May God’s word bless every place, every generation of Chinese, and strengthening their growth physically and spiritually.


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