Bible Distribution

It is the mission of Hong Kong Bible Society to “Deliver a Bible that people can understand at a price that they can afford.”

Bible Societies all over the world put their effort to distribute the Bible to everyone in need so that God’s word can touch their hearts. In some poor countries, Bible Societies cooperate with various organizations to organize literacy classes. Some co-workers recite Bible verses to patients beside their bed. Some broadcast God’s word in the village so that villagers can get together every night to listen to the Bible. Some of the villagers are illiterate, some are blind, and some have difficulties in walking. In poor countries, putting our heart, effort and resources to spread God’s word will bear fruit.

In prosperous Hong Kong, the Bible is not expensive to Christians. Some Christians may have at least two or three copies of the Bible. Yet, in our busy lives today, how can we encourage believers to love reading the Bible? How can we promote the Bible among non-believers? How can we spread God’s word more effectively making use of the popularity of smart phones?

  • Daily Calendar for the Elderly: No more superstition
    The elderly love to use wall-mounted calendars which usually come with information on prediction of luck. We publish daily calendar with Bible verses and friendly reminders everyday so that the gospel can be brought to families. Apart from sales, we set aside sufficient quantities for free distribution.
  • Monthly Calendar: Blessings to every family
    This monthly calendar provides monthly Bible verses displayed on a beautiful and meaningful design. It is to serve families at grass-roots level. Every year, we distribute more than 10,000 monthly calendars through organizations, churches and schools. Among the recipients, more than 60% do not have religious faith and half of them are families at grass-roots level. It is hoped that the Biblical truth can renew their hearts and strength.
  • Mini Daily Calendar: Practical for professional drivers
    The lovely mini calendar provides Bible verses and reminders for daily life. It is suitable for hanging inside cars. Drivers can be nourished during their journeys on the busy and crowded roads. “As a professional driver, I am not able to attend church meetings every week. During lunch time every day, I read the Bible verses on the mini calendar hanging in my car, and this gives me peace and joy!” Mini-bus driver Mr Ng distribute more than 1,000 mini calendars to taxi and mini-bus drivers through the professional drivers fellowship every year.
  • The Gospels: for various ethnic groups in Hong Kong
    Indonesia is a country with religious restrictions and the Bible cannot be freely distributed in this country. In Hong Kong, there are thousands of Indonesian maids and it is a good opportunity to spread the gospel to them. We print and distribute the Gospels in Indonesia. Jesus asks us to “love your neighbour as yourself.” So, let’s start from the Indonesian maids living nearby.
  • Complimentary Bible for Hotels: Spreading God’s word everywhere
    A Chinese-English Diglot Bible is usually placed inside hotel rooms. Every year, we give about 1,000 Revised Chinese Union Version and NIV-RCUV Diglot New Testament to hotels. It is said that there are various reasons for hotels to place a Bible in the rooms. First, it is a traditional culture of hotels in the West. Second, to drive away ghosts. Third, for Christian guests to read. No matter what reason, we have one mission only: to spread God’s word. During the past years, we received feedback from readers: “I am from mainland China and do not have religious faith. I find a New Testament in the hotel and read it, and this gives me peace. Where can I buy a copy? Do you have Bibles for children?” “I am a British and I appreciate the Bible you provide. Especially in Macau where many people come for gambling, it is hoped that they can get a chance to know the gospel.” “I am a German and I get your complimentary Bible back home for my daughter to read as she knows Chinese.” Such feedback brings us encouragement. Thanks the Lord! His word can be spread everywhere!
  • Bible in Simplified Chinese: Meeting the needs of various ethnic groups
    In addition to TSPM/CCC who print the Chinese Bible, many churches and organizations apply for Bibles in Simplified Chinese and children’s books about the gospel to let missionaries and believers bring to needy Chinese communities in the mainland, Macau and Southeast Asia.
  • Bible for Schools: for needy students
    For students in Hong Kong who cannot afford to buy a Bible, if they let us know their needs through their schools, we will arrange to send them a Bible for free. It is because our mission is to “Deliver a Bible that people can understand at a price that they can afford.”
  • Bible/the Gospels: Caring for our community
    Social problems in Hong Kong seem never-ending. Poverty? Stress in life? Youth problems? Depression? Stress-related mental illnesses? Health issues? You can be the one to help our community. How did God’s word cure you in the past? Perhaps this is the chance to spread the gospel. Set yourself as an example and tell the community that by reading the Bible everyday and walking with God, we will get results we have never thought of. It is more important to share the Biblical truth when distributing the Bible.

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