Bible Publication

Decades ago, the Chinese Bible has presented its popular image of a black cover, red edge, and a ribbon in the middle. Nowadays, in this “smart” era, we have “smart” Bibles to meet the needs of youngsters. The cover is no longer black, and we provide different sizes, styles and decorations, with an aim to attract young people to read or to use as a gift. The Bible is not out, but in.

We also publish Bible editions for different age groups, including children’s Bible stories, Bibles in large print, the Gospels, Bibles with phonetic transcription for preaching, Bibles for hotels, and Bibles for schools. We will cooperate with any organizations that need Bible printing.

Future Smart Generation

The development of smart phones is unlimited. It is our challenge to make use of the smart phone platform to spread God’s word so that everyone loves to read the Bible.

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