Bible Translation: Responding to Global Needs

“The Bible has changed my attitude towards life. I do not focus on fame and fortune, but on the freedom and joy of being content!”
“The Bible is full of God’s promises. Now I learn that faith gives me a sense of immeasurable security…”
“The Bible is God’s tips on life to us. A simple one – forgiveness can enhance interpersonal relationships.”

In the past, because of God’s word, the British and Foreign Bible Society commissioned Rev. Robert Morrison to China to begin Chinese Bible translation. Two hundred years down the road, the Chinese Bible has been a blessing for over billions of Chinese people……

“Deliver a Bible that people can understand at a price that they can afford” has always been the mission of the Bible Societies. Since the completion and publication of the Chinese Union Version Bible (CUV) in 1919, many people regard this version as the most reputable version to be passed down through generations, and do not see the need for revision. However, with the changes in Chinese usage and grammar, young people or new believers find that the CUV is difficult to understand and so they are not interested to read. The Hong Kong Bible Society is devoted to Chinese Bible translation and completed the revision of the CUV in 2010.

Besides the Chinese Bible, the Bible Societies are dedicated to taking up Bible translation in the world:

There are 6,900 languages in the world.
Only 542 language groups have both the Old and New Testament.
2,344 language groups have the New Testament or portion only.
4,015 language groups are still waiting for Bible translation.

No one knows when Bible translation will be completed throughout the world. Only our Lord has his timetable. It is our mission to strive to bring the Bible into communities so that every one can understand the word of God…

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