1-4801 Bible Animal Tales New Series I (Trad/English) ‧Package Set (5 books in 1 set)‧Colorful Paperback Cover

ISBN978 962 293 2197
Product Code
Classification Bible Animal Tales Series
Language Traditional Script / English
Version Children's Bible
Format Horizontal
Cover Colorful Paperback Cover
Size19cm x 23cm
Publisher Hong Kong Bible Society
HKD 180.00

These children Bible stories highlight some of the animals mentioned in the Bible like donkeys, ravens, lions and sheep. They retell the Bible narratives from the animal points of view. Even though each animal had its own character, including strength and weakness, they were willing to carry out the special mission that God assigned to them. The writing style is innovative and children will find the spiritual teaching easy to understand. Consequently, children can apply the biblical truth in their daily lives and this truth can help them to develop their good character and life principles.

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